Community Message November 2019

Community Message November 2019
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November 2019
Three years ago this month, our community generously supported two ballot measures that improved the safety of our schools, added capacity to serve high school students, and propelled our efforts to evolve how we serve our learners. Through the construction planning process, we studied how other schools successfully enhanced instruction and learning by focusing on the learning experience for individual students and brought those best practices to our community. As a result, both of our high schools are now designed to inspire innovation and empower learners to take more ownership in their learning, which includes making decisions that influence what, how, and where they learn.

Bond funding was a catalyst for extending learner-centered design beyond our high schools. Every school across the district now has flexible furniture which, paired with flexible learning and instruction, empowers students to be co-creators of classroom and collaborative spaces throughout their schools. Today, choosing where to learn includes options such as being on a pedal bike at Severance Middle School, in a library that offers traditional reading areas and a makerspace at Range View, or out in the school garden at Grandview. 

The investments our community made in our district three years ago had an impact before we even broke ground. 
From the beginning, our contractors (DLR Group, GH Phipps, RLH Engineering, Sampson Construction, and Saunders Heath) committed to involving Weld RE-4 students in the construction process by giving them a view into the field of construction, as well as hands-on experience in related trades. Windsor High School students participated in masonry work, led interior design processes, and learned skills from various experts onsite. Our other schools also got in on the action. RLH and Saunders employees worked with Tozer Elementary School students to help them learn basic building principles while constructing birdhouses for Arbor Day. 

The 2016 bond-funded projects are winding down, and the impact has been far greater than we could have ever imagined.

We are grateful to our community for their investment and the many resulting opportunities for both current and future Weld RE-4 students. 

In 2016, growth was the driving force behind the demand for a new high school. Three years later, growth continues to drive our planning efforts, as enrollment in our elementary and middle schools reached 105% capacity this year. This past spring, the Weld RE-4 Long Range Planning Committee affirmed its 2018 recommendation that the district ask voters to support funding to expand the capacity of our two middle schools and build two new elementary schools in 2020. 

Planning is underway for the 2020 bond, but today we pause, reflect, and give thanks for the support that our community showed our students, educators, staff, and schools in November 2016. Thank you from all of us. We hope you enjoy this special message from Grandview Elementary School.  

Dan Seegmiller
Superintendent, Weld RE-4 School District