The Technology and Information Services Department assists users based on requests submitted via Web Help Desk. If you are Weld RE-4 Faculty or Staff, and need to contact someone for Technical Support, please submit a ticket.

Name Position Extension
Email *
Help Desk Help Desk x8020 help
Trevor Timmons
Director x8016 trevor.timmons

Enterprise Technology Management
 Cody Groves  Enterprise Technology Manager x8047  cody.groves
Educational Technology
Sheila Bowman
Instructional Tech. - Elementary x8027 sheila.bowman
Curtis Andres
Instructional Tech. - Secondary x8043 curtis.andres
Enterprise Support
Stephen Gagliardi Network Administrator x8026 stephen.gagliardi
Justin Gray
Systems Administrator x8042 justin.gray
Data Services
Tracy Kacmarsky Data Coordinator x8029 tracy.kacmarsky
Department Secretary
Memorie Dudley
Department Secretary x8041 memorie.dudley
Technical Support
Andrew Campbell Tech. Support Specialist - WHS x8135 andrew.campbell
John Ellingson Computer Technician x8023 john.ellingson
Brenton Noon Tech. Support Specialist - WMS/SMS x8235 brenton.noon
Jeff Van Winkle Telecom Technician x8035 jeff.van.winkle
Christy McElhaney  Computer Technician  x8044 christy.mcelhaney