Boundary Q & A
Posted on 10/24/2018
Boundary Q & A

Q. Why is the Weld RE-4 School District seeking to change school boundaries?
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n the fall of 2018, the Weld RE-4 School District is launching a public process to create an enrollment boundary for Severance High School (opening in fall, 2019). At that time, the district will also examine school boundaries district-wide in an effort to fix imbalances in elementary and middle school populations due to enrollment growth concentrated in certain areas of our district.

Q. How are boundary change decisions being made?
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 Boundary Committee of parents, teachers, community members, and district leaders are meeting for several weeks this fall to review boundary needs, assess options, provide input, and make boundary recommendations to the Weld RE-4 Board of Education. The district is hosting meetings to collect feedback from the community. Recommendations will be made to the board in December. The Board of Education is expected to vote on school boundaries in December 2018, and families affected by boundary changes will be notified soon thereafter.

Q: Can I be involved and provide input?
A.Yes! All parents and community members are invited to attend meetings to learn more about the committee’s boundary proposal and provide input. Those who are unable to attend one of the meetings will be able to review presentations on the Weld RE-4 School District’s website and submit feedback to

Boundary community meetings are scheduled for the following:
 - Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00 PM, at Severance Middle School
 - Thursday, October 25 at 7:00 PM, at Grandview Elementary School

 - Monday, October 29 at 5:30 PM, at Windsor High School

Q. What are the Boundary Committee’s main priorities when considering changes? 

A. Over the past few months, the Boundary Committee, with the support of a professional demographer, has been evaluating various boundary scenarios against the following priorities:

  • Distributing students equitably in schools across the district;
  • Students having access to a boundary school close to home with other students in their neighborhood;
  • Limiting the number of major roadways students encounter walking to a bus stop or their school;
  • Minimizing the need for an additional boundary change if voters approve funding for another elementary school in the next few years; and
  • Minimizing the number of current elementary school families impacted by a change.
  • Accounting for planned future growth

Q. What is the district doing to plan for future overcrowding at the elementary and middle schools?

A. The district's Long Range Facility Planning Committee meets regularly to assess our district's need for additional capacity, including the need for new schools. The Committee's 2018 report anticipated the need for a new elementary school in the near future. The construction of a new school would require placing a bond and mill levy on a future election ballot. The Weld RE-4 Board of Education's approval would be needed to move forward with placing a bond and mill levy on a future ballot.

The Long Range Facility Planning Committee is meeting again in January 2019 to review current projections and will make recommendations in February 2019, which could include a future bond and mill levy, to the Board of Education.

Q. Can I "choice-in/open enroll" my student to a school that is outside my boundary?
A. Yes, if there is space. Per Colorado law, all school districts must provide a way for non-resident students to apply to be considered for attendance at schools in other district. This process also applies to students who live in-district, but would like to attend a school other than their boundary school. In-district students who would like to attend an in-district school that isn't their boundary school have priority over out-of-district students wanting to attend a Weld RE-4 District school.

Parents who wish to enroll their student at a Weld RE-4 District school that is outside of their neighborhood school's boundary must submit the request through our district's School Choice process. Families will be notified of the intent to enroll/open enrollment process for this boundary change in January 2019.

Q. Will my student be provided transportation?
A. Transportation is provided to students attending their boundary schools under the district's current transportation guidelines. Students who attend a school other than their boundary school provide their own transportation. View: Transportation policy and busing guidelines