2015 Dept of Instruction

Weld Re-4 School District strives to be the premier district in Northern Colorado.  Our high quality staff, innovative programs, and variety of opportunities for students make us the best choice.  Welcome!

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You may have heard about the changes in assessment for the state of Colorado.  This is to reflect the Colorado Academic Standards that outline the expectations of what students need to learn and be able to do at the end of each grade.  Here is an example for first grade math:  Count starting at any number less than 120.  Our teachers decide what lessons, resources and support will best help students reach that goal by the end of the year.  

The biggest change you will notice over the following year in assessment is that most of our students will take state required assessments online.  The district has invested in devices for students to access not only the tests but be able to use this for their work in classrooms.  

If you have questions about any of the assessments, please contact Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction at (970) 686-8028 or

The curriculum, or plan of study, is developed by teachers based on the individual needs of their students.  These are all based on the Colorado Academic standards so that students are able to demonstrate similar skills and knowledge at the end of each school year.  The district and schools provide resources as feasible so that staff is able to utilize the best materials possible.  This may include traditional textbooks, digital content, and lab equipment.  If you have questions about curriculum please contact your child's school or Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction  at (970) 686-8028 or

District Accountability

The District Accountability Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Education relative to the district's program of accountability consistent with governing law and accreditation requirements. The committee meets throughout the school year working on charges approved by the Board each year. The committee is comprised of parents, non-parent tax payers, a student, teachers, and administrators. We are always looking for new members.  Contact the Committee Liaison if you are interested.  

The District Accountability Committee Liaison is:


                                            Department Contacts
Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction - (970) 686-8028 or 
Jackie Hertzke, RtI/Instructional TOSA - (970) 686-8031 or
Valerie Hubert, Data Coordinator - (970) 686-8021 or
Lori Lanckriet, Department Secretary - (970) 686-8032 or
Emily Williams, Assessment TOSA & READ Interventionist - 970-686-8038