Information for Parents

Welcome to the Department of Instruction

Please contact us if you have questions on assess
ments, curriculum, or instruction.

Department Contacts:

**Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction- (970) 686-8028 or
**Jackie Hertzke, TOSA for Instruction- (970) 686-8031 or
**Valerie Hubert, Assessment Specialist- (970) 686-8021 or
**Adele Lind-Nichols, Department Secretary- (970) 686-8032 or
**Michelle Smith, Community Partnership TOSA- (970) 686-8137
**Emily Williams, TOSA for Instruction- (970) 686-8038 or

Weld RE-4 Assessment Calendar for Parents - 2018-2019


Elementary Curriculum:
Math - Bridges - 2nd Edition
English Language Arts - Individual Reading Level Assessment
Potential writing support - Being a Writer

Middle School Curriculum:

Math - CPM (College Preparatory Math) Core Connections Series
English Language Arts -Pearson Common Core Literature
Science - We currently use Explore Learning and Lab Aids materials
Social Studies - Prentice Hall - A History of our Nation