Weld RE-4 Showcase

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Monday, May 4, 2020

Windsor High School



What is the Learner's Showcase?

For the past two decades, Weld RE-4 has come together to share innovative learning with our stakeholders through several iterations of a student showcase.  This year the Innovate RE-4 Learner’s Showcase will feature students, teachers and district leaders together, showcasing our best learner-centered experiences to promote each building’s vision around the development of critical knowledge, skills and attributes for life readiness. Students and staff chosen to represent their schools will help to demonstrate modern day learning and provide a window into classrooms for our community to intimately witness what our amazing students can achieve, solve and create!

Who's invited?

All members of the Weld RE-4 community at large are invited to witness the best #inspiRE4learning experiences from across the region.  This includes Weld RE-4 families, students, teachers, leaders, businesses, non-profits, organization, partners and media outlets.

What can I expect to see?

From stop motion animation to aquaponics, investigating how to change a town ordinance to the demonstration of a CNC plasma router, from solving the energy crisis to learning French through music, you can expect to see an engaging array of student presentations in a variety of formats. Check back soon for an up-to-date program.  Nominations for Demonstrations of Learning are due on March 13 by Building Administrators and Learning Coaches.


Check Out Entries From 2019:

What should my presentation look like?

At the Showcase, all Demonstrations of Learning will be “Poster Style” or  “Science-Fair” presentations. They should provide an opportunity for  community members to understand what learning opportunities and  environments exist within your school.  Utilizing display materials, artifacts,  posters, monitors (for slideshows) and the reflective questions, students,  teachers and school leaders will successfully share their learning, not only the  final product but also the process.

Showcase Event Schedule

2:15-3:45  Presenter Setup/Celebration/Workshops
3:45-4:10  Opening Ceremonies
4:15-5:30  Student Demonstrations/Community Opportunity Fair
5:30-6:00  Closing Ceremonies