Standard Response Protocol

The links below provide information related to the District Wide Standard Response Protocol.  These forms and the processes outlined on them were derived from the "i love u guys foundation"

SRP Public Address Poster:  This document provides school administrators or teacher leaders simple and common languages across buildings and throughout the district.  Specific drills, exit strategies, and other building specific practices are maintained at the building level and are not shared here to help aid in the safety and security of children and staff in our buildings.

Student and Parent Handout.pdf:  This document provides parents and students a guide to the SRP language at home.  The use of the four icons as well as the common language of Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter and Lockout with simple directions for students and teachers help parents work with their kids to review and understand the roles and responsibilities of students during emergency or crisis situations.  All drills run in the Weld RE-4 school district should be using these terms for consistency and understanding amongst all.  For example, a tornado drill would use the Shelter procedures whereas a fire drill would use evacuate.  Because there are multiple reasons for many of these actions, we simplify them all by using these four only.  

Again specific evacuation plans, shelter plans and procedures pertaining to the lockout and lockdown drills are kept under the supervision of each building principal and are shared with district personnel as well as local Fire, Police, and Rescue.  These plans are not provided to the public in an effort to help maintain the safety and security of each site.  

For questions about a specific school please contact the principal at that school.  For contact information at each school simply go to the school site by using the "Select a School" dropdown at the upper left-hand side of this page.   For questions about the district as a whole please contact Ahmad Sedaghat, Mental Health & Safety Coordinator at (970) 686-8006 or at [email protected]