Colorado knows reading by third grade is critical 
Reading is an essential skill that must be developed early in a child's educational career. Students who do not read at grade level by third grade struggle throughout their academic career and have limited options as adults.
The State Board of Education and Colorado legislature worked together on several updates to the READ Act through Senate Bill 19-199 (SB 19-199) to address the implementation challenges the state faces. The updates emphasize the importance of using evidence-based instructional practices to achieve the original goal of the READ Act – teaching all students to read by third grade.

Kindergarten School Readiness Data Collection:
The purpose of the Kindergarten School Readiness (KSR) data collection is to provide baseline data for measuring improvement in students' knowledge and skills over time and to collect data needed to fulfill statutory requirements for an annual legislative report.
Data reported to CDE will be from the initial fall assessment window. The initial assessment is to be completed within the first 60 calendar days of the school year as required by HB 15-1323. The collection will be open from mid-October to mid-December each year.

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The Literacy Curriculum Transparency Act:
With the passage of Senate Bill 21-151 (PDF), the General Assembly enacted the Literacy Curriculum Transparency Act. The act amends the Colorado READ Act to require each local education provider (LEP) to submit the following information to the department of education and requires the department to post the information on its website:
  • The core and supplemental reading curriculum, or a detailed description of the reading curriculum, by grade, used in each of the local education provider's schools;
  • The core and supplemental reading instructional programs and intervention reading instruction, services, and other supports provided in each of the local education provider's schools
  • The number of students enrolled in kindergarten, first, second, and third grades who have READ plans, as well as the number of students who have achieved reading competency.

Colorado Department of Education's Literacy Curriculum Transparency webpage

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