Get Involved

There are many ways that employees, parents, and community members can be engaged, active partners in ensuring educational excellence in our school community. In addition to districtwide avenues for involvement, all of our schools look for parent or community engagement through parent-teacher groups and/or volunteers. For school-specific opportunities, please reach out to the school office. 

Calendar Committee

Annually, the calendar committee reviews the requirements for student contact days, gathers feedback from staff, students, and parents regarding proposed calendar options, and recommends an option(s) to the Board of Education for consideration of approval. This committee is comprised of at least one parent and staff member from each school. 

Commitment: Three (3) to four (4) meetings in the spring

Contact: Laura Bulzomi, Director of Human Resources

Curriculum Review Committee

The Curriculum Review Committee reviews curriculum requests from across the district and determines funding priorities, as well as recommendations for approved learning resources. As appropriate for the resource, a team of teachers, learning coaches, administrators, parents, and students review and recommend materials to be adopted and purchased.

Commitment: Approximately three (3) meetings between February - May

Contact: Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction 

District Accountability Committee

Comprised of parents, students, teachers, staff, and a business representative, the District Accountability Committee is responsible for providing input on district budget items, Unified Improvement Plans, and certified staff evaluations, among other charges from the Board of Education.

Commitment: Four (4) to six (6) meetings per school year

Contact: Amy Heinsma, Director of Instruction 

Long Range Facility Planning Committee

The Long Range Facility Planning Committee advises the Board of Education on growth trends within the district and the need for new or remodeled facilities. This committee is the primary group for monitoring growth and providing short or long-term recommendations to address the needs that result. Fourteen members serve three-year terms. We strive to have members from each director district

Commitment: Three (3) times per year (January - March)

Contact: Jason Seybert, Chief Operating Officer

Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) works to educate, advocate, and inspire progress for the benefit of all students. SEAC looks to create and strengthen partnerships between parents, the school district, and community agencies by providing a forum for education, advocacy, networking, and collective problem solving. This committee is comprised of individuals knowledgeable and concerned about the needs of special education students, including representation from multiple categories recognized by the Colorado Department of Education, parents of students currently receiving special education services, professionals and educators, and community agency / organization representatives.

Commitment: Four (4) meetings per year
Contact: Jennifer Sedaghat, Exceptional Student Services Teacher on Special Assignment