Exceptional Student Services

Welcome to the Weld RE-4 School District Special Programs Portal. Special Programs at Weld RE-4 include Special Education Services, English Language Learner Services, Section 504 Accommodations Services, and Gifted and Talented Services. We strive to provide a continuum of services for all learners within our schools. 

In the Weld Re-4 School District the Exceptional Student Services department strives to attain three specific focuses for students.

First, we strive to have our students engage in their education in inclusive environments. All students are general education students and some happen to have additional wrap around services in varying degrees to help them access and achieve and education. We believe that Special Education and Related Services are supplements to the general education curriculum and setting. All students belong to their grade level, home room, or content classroom first...thus no student belongs to special education.

Second, we focus our instructional targets to close achievement gaps. This means that our IEP goals are designed to help students "catch up." While not all students may achieve this goal, we believe that our teachers and special services providers must be leaders in setting high expectations and designing instruction to leverage the attainment of an education, not merely access to it. Access to an education without attainment will not prepare students for life after public education.

This leads us to our third and last driving principal and that is that our students leave the Weld RE-4 schools postsecondary education and/or workforce ready. To us this means early and often conversations about student goals for life after high school as well as honest and serious conversations about readiness for the first step into those environments. This also includes a conscious transfer of  responsibility from adults to the students through middle and high school that teaches accountability, responsibility, and personal integrity.

Approximately 10% of the Windsor School District's student population has an identified disability. If you have concerns that your child may be eligible to receive special education services, please contact your child's school Psychologist.

Picture of ESS 2019-202 Staff

Jon Paul Burden, Exceptional Student Service Director, [email protected]
Jennifer Sedaghat, Exceptional Student Services Coordinator, [email protected]
Ahmad Sedaghat, Mental Health Safety and Security Coordinator, [email protected]
Ray Talley, Social Worker, [email protected]
Michelle Spencer, Early Childhood Coordinator, [email protected]
Liz Gullette, Exceptional Student Services Administrative Assistant, [email protected]
Lori Seybert, Exceptional Student Services Department Secretary, [email protected]

Desiree Sandoval, SWAP Coordinator, [email protected]
Denise Hitchcock, English Language TOSA, [email protected]
Emily Langdon, Behavior TOSA, [email protected]
Christina Sutter, Gifted and Talented TOSA, [email protected]
Christine Lichtenberg, Nursing Staff,  [email protected]

Jenna Martin, Vision Specialist,  [email protected]
Lori Warmbrod, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher,  [email protected]