Staff Required Trainings (for subs only)

All Weld RE-4 staff members are required to complete annual training on Discrimination and Harassment, Mandatory Reporting (child abuse) and Universal Precautions.  Please click on the links below including the handouts for each training.  Once viewed, click on the verification sheet, print and sign a copy, and return to your building front office staff for recording.  This needs to be completed by September 15 each year.

Discrimination and Harassment Training

Policy AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity
Policy AC-R Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (Complaint and Compliance) 
Policy GBAA Sexual Harassment

Mandatory Reporting Training (Child Abuse)

Weld County Child Abuse Reporting Form
Child Abuse Resource Team (contact numbers)
Physical and Behavioral Indicators of Abuse

Universal Precautions Training

Exposure Control Plan 

Verification of Completion of Training 

Other Resources:
Colorado Department of Health
Colorado State Mandated Reported Training Video for Colorado Educators